About us

About Belleville Embroidery

I like serving our communities in south central Wisconsin. When wearing the clothing you purchase from Belleville Embroidery, it will be a part of your team or company community. As I embroider or screen print your clothing, I know it will be in pictures forever. The memories around it will be talked about with friends, family and co-workers. Therefore I know when you put on your jersey or company logoed clothes, you want to look good.

When you choose me, this is what I believe in:

  • I listen to you.
  • I'll ask questions to guide you through choosing the best items for your situation.
  • When you get your order the items are separated by each person's name.
  • Need one extra or forgot one item? No problem, we will get that for you!
  • If you own a single item and need something stitched on it, I'll do it. A baby blanket, Christmas stocking, jacket, hat, birthday present.


"I have used Belleville Embroidery for more than 5 years now. Jill is so helpful with ideas and suggestions. I've ordered in large quantities for business and small items for personal use. No matter what the order is she puts her heart and soul into it and gets the job done and done well. My orders have always been done with great quality products and done no matter how quickly I've needed them. I will continue to use Belleville Embroidery for all my future needs! The service CANNOT be beat."

Faye Nolden

Belleville Branch Manager

Sugar River Bank